July 16, 2018

If I had a Christmas wish for you

Ron Orr MLA Lacombe - Ponoka

By MLA Ron Orr

If I had a Christmas Wish for You!
Lacombe-Ponoka folk, If I had a wish for you this Christmas, what would it be?
I would relieve your fears and anxieties, and bring you instead hope for the future, to live in safe communities with a just criminal justice system.
I would bring you a world where we would not be afraid to speak about our ideals, without fear of judgement or retaliation.
I would give you the freedom to practice your religion of choice, whatever that is, without intimidation, or persecution.
I would bring all Albertans a political party with integrity and honesty, and a government we could trust.
I would throw in a few gift cards of mutual consultation and real listening!
I would give Albertans jobs and the opportunity to earn enough to take care of themselves and their families.
I would make Alberta business friendly, especially for small and family owned businesses.
I would want to renew the spirit of innovation and creative discovery that makes Alberta vibrant.
I would seek to implement real environmental innovation and stewardship, not just tax grabs.
I would bring you a functioning health care system, where all lives in Alberta matter regardless where you live.
I would bring you education choice, so you could choose what is suitable for you and your children.
I would make sure our education system is one of the best in the world.
I would promote our oil and gas industry as the best in the world, to power our economy and to bring back Alberta prosperity.
And finally, I would bring you pipelines of joy! From the east, west and from the south!
On behalf of my wife, Edmonton and constituency staff and myself, we wish you all a Joyous Christmas and Hopeful New Year!
I can be reached at my constituency office, 101, 4892 – 46 Street, Lacombe, AB T4L 2B4 or by e-mail Lacombe.ponoka@assembly.ab.ca or 403-782-7725.
Ron Orr, MLA Lacombe-Ponoka.

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