July 15, 2018

Christmas message from Blackfalds RCMP Detachment Commander S/Sgt Ken Morrison

S/Sgt. Ken Morrison
RCMP Blackfalds
Detachment Commander

Blackfalds RCMP would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year.   We hope everyone has a Safe and Happy holiday season spent with family and friends.   
We would like to remind everyone, if you are travelling, take the extra time, leave early, so there is no need to rush.  Posted limits are for ideal conditions, not when the road is icy or snow-covered.  Do not use your cruise control in inclement weather, it is much easier to gauge the road condition with your foot on the gas pedal.   Carry an emergency kit in your vehicles, not only for yourselves, but be prepared should you come upon someone that requires your assistance.  
Check highway road conditions before you leave home.   The highways in Alberta are usually maintained very well, but can quickly turn, when winter storms set in.   Ensure you watch for wildlife on the sides of the road, we are seeing an increasing number of animals struck on the highway.   If at all possible avoid travelling at night, as most animals migration happens around dusk and early morning.  Ensure you fill up your tank and should you become stranded in a winter storm stay with your vehicle if safe to do so, it is generally the safest place to be and our officers can readily find you.  
For those people that are travelling and leaving their homes, ensure you have someone checking on your home, keeping the sidewalks shovelled and checking to ensure the heat is on.   Criminals do not take the holidays off, it is their busy time, by having someone watch your home, it prevents the appearance of it being empty.   If you do not know some one that can watch your home, there are companies in the Central Alberta area, that will do this for a fee.  
We would like to thank all of our partners agencies for an amazing year working together building safe communities.  Without the help of the public and our partners we would not be able to do our job.   As a Central Alberta Community we can work together in 2018 to make it the best year ever.   

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