July 16, 2018

Vince Wolfe running for Blackfalds town council

Vince Wolfe

I was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta and moved to Blackfalds in 2013 when my wife and I built a new home here. We are so glad we made the choice to move to Blackfalds. We love where we live, with the easy access to the trail system and the beauty of the town. My daughter has attended IREC from kindergarten through Grade 3 and is now enrolled at the new IRIC Campus for Grade 4. We have seen the improvements first hand happening year over year from when she started in the elementary system as changes have been implemented. We have had a family pass for the Abbey Centre from day one and it is truly a gem for our community that brings in a lot of people from a wide area to play in Blackfalds.
I went to University to become a software developer, and after a short period of time in my new job I learned that I wasn’t really cut out for being a software developer, but I was really good at technical support.  I had the chance to really develop my critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and customer service. I then moved onto software training for the same company and got to travel all over Canada, work with thousands of people, and not only train them on how to use the software we sold, but also work with their existing processes, and make it work with the software.  There were many late nights, and I learned early on, that no two people work the same, or communicate the same.  It helped me really develop the skills to adapt my training, and people skills to the situation, ensuring I was effective with my training. I also managed the training staff for my company, and developed training materials so that all of the training staff had a hand-book to work from. I also worked with our developers to bring feedback from the clients forward to improve our products.  In short, I talked technical to the technical people, and non-technical to the non-technical people, and really helped grow the product.  This interpretive skill has continued to be useful in every role I have been in since. I have since moved on to a new company doing a more technical job in I.T. allowing me to develop new skills and polish my problem solving skills. I have recently been able to begin integrating my passion for computer security with client support and user training, bringing all my skills together into a nice little package. Not all of my education has been on the job, I participated in a couple of different Dale Carnegie courses to help me improve my human relationship skills and develop a management style that works for me and those that report to me.
I am very involved in the Central Alberta Maker Space which is a great community of people that like to create things. We all like to create something different and we have members who have built anything from wood bases for storage under beds, to LED light displays to an R2D2 robot. I have been advising local schools and libraries on how to start their maker space, what projects might be age appropriate so that more kids learn the power of building something with your own hands. I hope to work with the Maker Spaces to develop small training sessions so to teach a cool project to kids and maybe spark an interest that they didn’t know they had.
I look forward to speaking with you about any questions or concerns you have. I post blogs regularly that can be looked over for more information about me, my skills, and my ideas. I look forward to speaking with you.

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