July 16, 2018

Taylor seeks re-election

Blackfalds is reaching golden horizons with the promise of more commercial developments with every thousand in population. Although growth has picked up in industrial and commercial, the ratio of non-residential to residential is still lower than a desired thirty percent. Expectations for services, taxes, infrastructure, and policing will continue to be concerns for the new council. We can afford facilities and to maintain tax rates with good growth. It is important for Blackfalds to capitalize on the golden years ahead.
Residential is the driver for commercial growth. You cannot sell commercial if there is no land available. Land is developed in relationships with developers and by providing structured planning for transportation, services, infrastructure, parks, facilities, and economic development.
A strong tax base is important. It is the way we will sustain our community.
“The bang for your buck is big in Blackfalds.’’
The support of the citizens is important as the citizens are our most important commodity. You set the stage for decisions and investments. With the expected growth Blackfalds has, there is a bright future which I hope to share with you.
It has been an honour to work for the citizens of Blackfalds for the past 16 years and I would like to thank everyone for their generous support. My family and I have been residents of Blackfalds for the past 30 years. Currently I am employed in HVAC for Red Deer Public Schools and I am a fourth class power engineer. In the past I have been involved in coaching hockey and soccer. My children have been involved in many activities such as dance, 4H, ,hockey, ball and Sunday School in the Blackfalds community.
Blackfalds is the pot of gold in a prime location. There is an opportunity for sound investment where small town meets big city. Blackfalds is the fastest growing community in Alberta, which I am proud to be a part of. With a population of 10,000 we are in the golden years for a town to attract business. I look forward to representing you as a town councillor for the exciting years to come.
‘’If it is worth happening it is worth happening here.’’
Blackfalds is like a good book, the more you read it with each page it gets better. I hope you give me the opportunity to build the next chapters with you.
Economic development has been my passion as a councillor. Marketing and promoting the town and it’s citizens are a highlight and a privilege. We will have to renew our business plan to keep a solid foundation.
The Chamber of Commerce continues to grow and enhance our town with their promotions. I am proud of the community minded businesses and serving on this board.
I was a founding member of Healthy Communities, which spearheaded our first splash park.
I have worked on: Public Works Committee; Disaster Services; Protective Services; Corporate Services; Deputy CEO ; Past Director for Blackfalds Wranglers; Past Director for Minor Hockey; Secretary and now Executive Director for Central Alberta Economic Partnership.
My strategies are: To be informed, concerned, honest, fair, and approachable. To be wise and realistic in planning and spending money. To balance efforts in attracting new business while keeping support for the ones that are established. To build a strong community with good communication, support, accountability, integrity, and leadership.To be more pro-active than reactive.
The town must workout plans to comply with changes to the MGA Act and better manage growth pressures. These documents form the foundation documents for future growth and sustainability. There will be many challenges because this will require the town to work with the county to find equitable and meaningful directions. This is the comprehensive picture which will have a huge impact on the bottom line for future affordability. This will require experience and leadership to pioneer a stronger future for all.

The provincial legislation and inequitable distribution of grant funding places a financial burden on municipalities. There is a disparity that I believe needs to be addressed for the common good of all Albertans. Towns support social wellness, maintain high standards, pay for policing, and growing infrastructure. Please ask your MLA about fairness in funding and responsibilities.

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