July 16, 2018

Why wear a seat belt?

By Brian Herrick, Sgt.
RCMP  NCO i/c Blackfalds Integrated Traffic Services

You may have heard the term g-force but not know what it means. Simply put, g-force is a measurement for the type of acceleration that cause weight.
Place yourself in a vehicle travelling on the road. If that vehicle come’s to an instant stop (head on or barrier impact), the weight of objects travelling with the vehicle will continue to move (gain g-force) weight and may become airborne. As a result, all insecure and/or unbelted objects and occupants could travel throughout the interior or ejected to the exterior of the vehicle and seriously injure or kill other occupants inside the vehicle. NEVER hold your child in your arms while travelling. If you are holding your child, the weight of the child will increase as noted:

• Child
9 kgs (20 lbs) at 50 kms = 650 lbs average impact g-force
9 kgs (20 lbs) at 100 kms = 2500 lbs average impact g-force

• Adult
60 kgs (130 lbs) at 50 kms = 4000 lbs average impact g-force
60 kgs (130 lbs) at 100 kms = 16,000 lbs average impact g-force
If you have other small, loose objects in the vehicle, they can become deadly projectiles:
1 lb object at 50 kmh = 32 lbs average impact g-force
1 lb object at 100 kmh = 130 lbs average impact g-force
For the safety of you and your family, please ensure everyone is wearing a seat belt, car seats are properly secured to the vehicle and all loose objects are stored properly.

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