July 16, 2018

One-day trial for Creep Catcher Carl Young (Murphy) held in Red Deer

Carl Young, who goes by many aliases including Carl Murphy, outside of the Red Deer court house in February. (CTV W5 photo)

Updated 8:50 a.m. Aug. 26
By Joe Brown
For Blackfalds LIFE
A one-day trial for accused Red Deer Creep Catcher Carl Young – who goes by the alias of Carl Murphy as well as many others – was held in Red Deer Court of Queen’s Bench Aug. 25 before a judge alone.
Lacombe Police Services charged Young November 2016 with criminal harassment and criminal mischief. They said they believed a victim was targeted online and lured in an alleged creep catcher incident.
The one-and-half-hour Lacombe Police video of Young being interviewed after he was arrested was played in court.
In the video Young claimed that he was under the freedom of the press protection claiming he is a journalist.
In July 2017, however, the B.C.’s Privacy Commissioner rejected Surrey Creep Catcher’s argument that they are journalists (see more at the end of story).
Also in the video, Young said he was worried about criminal charges and wanted to make sure any criminal charges didn’t go through claiming he was lined up to make “good money” turning his Creep Catcher group into a non-profit organization.
In the video Young is heard saying that he would have no remorse if anything bad happened to the victim he targeted in Lacombe.
In addition, the police video showed Young boasting that he “owned” all of the Red Deer buy and sell Facebook pages, Facebook opinion pages, Facebook Scanner Hounds, Facebook confession pages and a Facebook news page called Red Deer News Chasers.
“They are all mine, all mine,” he said.
Young admitted that he knew the Lacombe victim he targeted had mental afflictions. Blackfalds LIFE November story “Lacombe man victim of Red Deer Creep Catchers” called the victim “Sam” to protect his identity. (See end of this story for related links to other stories.)
The police video also showed that Young pretends to be someone named “Tanner” on a dating site called Grindr. When “Tanner” told the victim that he was 15, the victim told him that he shouldn’t be on the site if he’s only 15 and blocked him.
Young, however, would just create new profiles on Grindr using different names but the same photo and continued to contact the victim. The victim continued to block Young. The two eventually exchanged phone numbers and texted on cells about 10 times. Young texted the victim and continued to use the name “Tanner.” The communication between the victim and “Tanner” on cell phones was initiated once by Young and the rest by the victim. The victim said he worked with youth who were sexually abused and wanted to help “Tanner” get help.
While the video played in court Young appeared delighted. Young interrupted the court proceedings on a couple of occasions and his lawyer told him to keep quiet.
The police video showed Young bragging that Alberta Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE) – an elite, highly trained law enforcement unit that catches child predators wanted him to join their team.
Young had also claimed to the Blackfalds LIFE in November 2016 that he sometimes works with, and testifies in court, for ICE. But Alberta I.C.E. Unit Staff Sgt. John Guigon told the Blackfalds LIFE that ICE would never work with a vigilante group.
“Unequivocally no, not ever,” said S/Sgt. Guigon. “They are not affiliated with ICE. They have nothing to do with police and they don’t testify in court for us.”
Young also claimed previously to the Blackfalds LIFE that he had Lacombe police standing by during his Creep Catcher ‘sting’ against the Lacombe victim. But Lacombe Police said this isn’t true.
In two court appearances on other matters in February and March, Young told the judge that he is now a news reporter, although he didn’t identify any recognized media outlet that he works for.
Carl Young, aka Carl Murphy, was creator and/or Admin of countless Facebook group pages such as Red Deer Scanner Hounds and several buy and sell pages in Red Deer and surrounding areas. He is the Admin on another Facebook page called Red Deer News Chasers. He has a website called Carls.tv
Some of Carl Young’s aliases include Carl Murphy, Carlos Murphy, Carl B. Murphy, Charlie Brown and Charlie Murphy.
The judge reserved his decision until Sept. 20 on whether or not Young is guilty of criminal harassment and criminal mischief.

Drug trafficking charges out of New Brunswick against Young were dropped earlier this year.
Young was charged in 2006 with two counts of trafficking cocaine, two counts of trafficking ecstasy, obstruction of a peace officer and failing to appear in court. Young left New Brunswick and moved to Alberta about a decade ago.
In 2006 the federal prosecutor was going by way of indictable offence on the charges against Young, which is reserved for more serious offences.
National investigative news team W5 of CTV, uncovered the arrest warrant on Young while they were researching Creep Catchers for their piece that aired in February 2017.
W5 had contacted the Blackfalds LIFE December 2016 and asked the LIFE to connect them with the victim “Sam” in our story “Lacombe Man Victim of Red Deer Creep Catchers.”
In W5’s piece, when the W5 reporter asked Young about the outstanding warrant, Young stated the charges were old, he didn’t know about them and he now golfs with the RCMP.
Young previously told the Blackfalds LIFE that he spent about five years in prison. W5 revealed that Young has more than 25 previous convictions including drug trafficking, threats and petty theft.

Creep Catchers harasses media
Doing stories on the creep catcher movement since November 2016 resulted in the Blackfalds LIFE experiencing first-hand the online harassment and bullying typical to the creep catcher movement.
After the Blackfalds LIFE did the first creep catcher story in November 2016, the individual arrested for his creep catcher actions, Carl Murphy also known as Carl Young, threatened to “blow up” the writer of the story and called on his “followers” and others in the movement to harass the Blackfalds LIFE. They phoned, emailed and harassed for more than two months. Their emails were foul, disgusting and twisted. They bullied and harassed trying to silence the Blackfalds LIFE. They also hacked into the email and social media account of a Red Deer radio station employee using that employee’s identity to harass the Blackfalds LIFE staff.

Creep Catcher movement
Creep Catchers have gained a following on social media platforms and say they aim to catch alleged pedophiles by luring them online. They create fake dating and Facebook profiles.
Creep catchers – many of them ex convicts with lengthy criminal records – post gotcha videos of suspected pedophiles as click bait to monetize their sites, selling their own paraphernalia and products.
In December 2016 Harvard grad and Thompson Rivers University Law Professor Craig E. Jones, regarding the Creep Catcher followers, said, “The lack of critical thinking is kind of astounding.”

Creep Catchers not journalists says B.C. Privacy Commissioner
In July 2017 the B.C.’s Privacy Commissioner rejected Surrey Creep Catcher’s argument that they are journalists.
The B.C. Privacy Commissioner rejected Surrey Creep Catchers’ (SCC) argument that they are journalists and ordered them to stop posting information about the two complainants who went to the commission for help and, in addition, they were ordered to destroy their videos of the individuals. SCC has until Sept. 6 to comply with the commissioner’s order. If SCC doesn’t comply they could face fines of up to $100,000 and criminal charges.
Creep catchers are not legitimate journalists performing investigative functions, their online opinions about people violate an individual’s privacy under the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and every aspect of their creep catcher-type operations are illegal, according to B.C.’s Privacy Commissioner’s findings released last month.
Drew McArthur, BC’s Acting Information and Privacy Commissioner, rejected SCC’s argument that its members are journalists. Under PIPA, journalists are exempt and allowed to collect personal information.
“The Organization simply reproduces the chats and videos without adding any meaningful commentary or analysis, but rather only brief and cursory statements,” the Commissioner said in his report.
The Commissioner pointed out that, “While all journalism may be a form of expression, not all expression is journalism.
“The Organization posted videos of the Complainants and other information about them, but this does not automatically constitute journalism.
“The Organization’s true purpose in collecting, using and disclosing personal information is to ‘name and shame’ those whom it considers to be creeps, rather than to offer a journalistic perspective on the issue.
“The purpose of the exercise is to entrap individuals whom the Organization believes are attempting to lure a minor and to publicly denounce them. The Organization’s activities here are essentially intended to subject the Complainants to ‘threats, ridicule, and derision.’”
And, “Because the Organization sells merchandise, both at fundraisers and through a ‘store’ on its website, it qualifies as a commercial enterprise.”
In addition, the Commissioner said that creep catchers didn’t have reasonable belief that the two complainants had been, or would become, involved in criminal activities and the creep catchers’ activities don’t meet the definition of ‘investigation.’
“The Organization did not already have a basis for thinking that either Complainant had lured, or would lure, a child, given that the Organization did not even know them. The Organization’s broad targeting, or fishing expedition, falls outside of the definition of ‘investigation’ in PIPA.”

Online opinions violate privacy
The privacy commissioner also ruled that creep catchers violate a person’s privacy under PIPA when they post opinions and information about their targets.
PIPA Act is across Canada. It came into effect in B.C. and Alberta in 2004 and aims to protect one’s personal information.
Under PIPA, individuals can be fined up to $10,000 and organizations can be fined up to $100,000 and be prosecuted in court.
SCC president told his followers on Facebook that he wouldn’t comply with the ruling and wouldn’t take down the videos.
Although creep catcher stings across Canada have resulted in a few criminal charges against individuals, their methods have been criticized.

Blackfalds LIFE recognized for Creep Catcher stories
• In April 2017, Blackfalds LIFE’s Lisa Joy won a national journalism award in Toronto for her stories on “Lacombe Man Victim of Red Deer Creep Catchers.”
Joy’s stories on Creep Catchers were also picked up by a national news investigative team from W5, who later came to Lacombe and Red Deer. W5, who was already working on a national story about Creep Catchers, featured the Lacombe victim from the Blackfalds LIFE story in their documentary “Creep Out” that aired in February 2017.

• In December, Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team’s (ALERT) elite Internet Child Exploitation team (ICE), sent a letter to the editor to the Blackfalds LIFE commending the article “Lacombe man victim of Red Deer Creep Catchers” saying it was “an important and meaningful insight into the issue. It reiterates the importance of journalism, and its value in shedding light on social issues.”

• W5 revealed that Carl Young has more than 25 previous convictions including drug trafficking, threats and petty theft.
• To watch W5’s entire documentary please go to:
Part One
http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1060161 or
Part Two
Part Three

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