July 16, 2018

Blackfalds continues to grow: Population almost 10,000

The Town of Blackfalds has continued its trend of above average growth and is one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities for the ninth year in a row.
The results of the 2017 Municipal Census were presented to and approved by Council at the Regular Council Meeting on August 8, 2017. The Town conducted the Municipal Census May 1 to June 30, 2017, utilizing both an online system and door to door enumerators.
The official population of Blackfalds is now 9,916, a 4.27% increase compared to an 1.51% estimated growth for the Province in the same timeframe and 4% less than last year’s census. While this indicates a minor slowdown in growth, it will help Council and Administration with planning for infrastructure and programs. The current residential dwelling count is 4,349 units – up 254 units from 2016.
The purpose of the census is to attain relevant information about the community which helps assist with:
• economic development initiatives
• educational requirements
• planning and development of both immediate and long term trends
• municipal infrastructure requirements
• government grants and other population-based initiatives
This is the fifth year that census data was collected by the Municipality using a combination of online collection and door to door enumeration. A total of 4,349 addresses were
completed this year, with only 23 incomplete addresses, resulting in 99.5% completion. Enumerators collected 60% (2,649) of the completion, while 40% (1,700) was received
The unofficial population count from the census for 2017 is 9,916. An increase of 406 from the 9,510 count in 2016 and represents a 4.27% increase compared to 8.15% in 2016.
The data is being compiled into a 2017 Town of Blackfalds Municipal Census Report. The Alberta Provincial average for 2017 is estimated to be 1.51% compared to 4.53% in 2016.
Blackfalds population growth has slowed but is still over twice as high as the provincial average.
Overall, the highlight of the census indicates that there is continued growth in the Town of Blackfalds. It has slowed over the last two years in response to the economic changes in
the Province. Looking at past years the Town has doubled in size from 2007 to 2017, from 4,843 to 9,916 which is a 105% increase.
The 19 to 40 age group represents 50% of the population. The largest individual age group continues to be the 0 to 5 ages with 1,185 with the 31 to 35 group coming in second with
Single detached dwellings continue to be the largest dwelling category with 2,533 (73%)
single detached homes with owner occupied being the largest group at 2,549 (73%)

The 2017 Municipal Census Interim Report can be viewed online at https://www.blackfalds.com/public/download/documents/42535.

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