May 27, 2018

Blackfalds holds 10th Annual Mayor for a Day

Youth have their say on their vision for Blackfalds

Blackfalds Mayor Melodie Stol with, Mayor for a Day winner Chantal Schunk, left, and runner up Jamie-Marie Watamaniuk. They are both Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus students. Chantal will ride with Mayor Stol in the parade on Saturday during Blackfalds Days. (Photo by LISA JOY/Blackfalds LIFE)

Youth have their say on their vision for Blackfalds
Chantal Schunk
Winner of Blackfalds
Mayor for a Day

Chantal Schunk calls the June 13 town council meeting to order. She is a Grade 6 IRIC student. Blackfalds Mayor Melodie Stol is on the left.(Photo by LISA JOY/Blackfalds LIFE)

About our issues
• Arena: Blackfalds has arenas and talk for a new one.
I don’t play hockey but I do like skating and sometimes it can get crowded. A new arena would be great and if we find a place and have money we can make a great new arena.
• Ambulance: We have firefighters and police. An ambulance is important I would say because, if there was an emergency they could come fast to the rescue but since we don’t have ambulances they would have to come from a different city to help. We could fundraise.
• High school: Blackfalds has many schools but no high school.
I think if people work together and fundraise we could make a high school for our community. It will take time and patience but I know we can succeed.

About our Mayor
Our Mayor Melodie Stol has been a great mayor I think. All the new things and people coming into Blackfalds proves she has got further growth in the community.

Issues for a mayor can be good or bad but what do people really want and see in a mayor? If you vote what do you want the mayor to do? Some people say that some mayors are bad because they don’t always get what they asked for but reality is that the town can’t always afford it.

What to consider when
choosing a Mayor
1. What is the mayor going to do? 2. Will the mayor take care of needs? 3. Will the mayor spend money wisely? 4. Is the mayor going to put further growth in the community? 5. Is the mayor kind, honest and responsible.

What do you think are the most important issues for people in Blackfalds in the 2017 election in October?
I think the people will focus most on what people are going to do for the community and if they will keep their promises. If they are interested in doing things you might want and that they’re not negative campaigning.

Runner up Mayor for a Day
IRIC student
Jamie-Marie Watamaniuk, 11

Mayor for a Day Essay
If I were an adult, I would want a mayor willing to take people’s ideas into consideration. I believe a good mayor should want to build their town up, with new growth. Being knowledgeable is a perfect quality to have in a mayor, as well as being involved with their town issues. During the election, I wouldn’t vote for a person who speaks bad or breaks down the other candidates because they are against their ideas.
I want our next mayor to try to bring more business to Blackfalds. A drive-in theatre or a shopping mall would be interesting to have in Blackfalds. We as the youth of Blackfalds need things to do, that are close by and in an easy to access location. A good mayor should be able to at least try to start fundraiser for something like that, or find a way to put on in Blackfalds.
We also need a mayor that would care about future education. A high school has been needed in Blackfalds for quite a while, and our next mayor might be able to advocate for this new school. It would definitely help with busing, from Lacombe to Blackfalds and from Red Deer to Blackfalds.
Another need would be a hospital, right in town. For example of a helpful use for an ambulance in Blackfalds would be…if a kid was choking it takes at least ten minutes for an ambulance to get here. No one can go without air for ten minutes, that is why we need a hospital right in Blackfalds. These are important issues that should come up in the next election.

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